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Los Angeles is America’s Second-Largest Economy

Home to over 244,000 businesses, L.A. County is the nation’s center for international trade and manufacturing.

Kiva has partnered with NEW Community Investments as a certified trustee to provide private and crowdsourced funding initiatives and micro-loans in Los Angeles to qualified entrepreneurs and small businesses. Apply today and learn how you can benefit from our financing solutions.

Local Lending that Helps the Community

Nanaefua Kiva Los Angeles

Nanaefua | Shared Harvest Fund

SHF is owned and operated by three women entrepreneurs building technology that aids borrowers in reducing their student loan debt through skill-based volunteering.

Tania Kiva loan Los Angeles

Tania | Audio For All

Audio For All is an audio equipment rental house devoted to providing accessibility and support for musicians and non-musicians alike to explore and play with sound.

Kiva Los Angeles Venius loan funded


Kiva and BusinessSource helped an LA-based female designer and entrepreneur to grow her innovative turban fashion line and reach more potential customers.


If you are a small business owner in Los Angeles County, and you believe your business could benefit from a microloan, we want to hear from you.


Help support other small business owners in LA County. Your funds will help like-minded entrepreneurs and save jobs and communities. Every little bit can help.

Our Generous Lending Partners

Since 2020 there have been an estimated 15,000 business closures across the county, more than half of which are permanent. We need a solution to prevent more closures and save valuable jobs, income, and dreams for the people who need them the most. See how NEW Community Investments can support your business with Kiva and other trustee organizations in Los Angeles.

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