Revolutionary Financing for Los Angeles & Beyond

Economic development designed for underserved communities, minorities, and women in Southern California.

We’re a Community Financial Institution

NEW Community Investments is dedicated to providing financial resources to minority communities in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We serve the underserved, in an economy rivaling most nations.

Community Advantage Loans

Capital Infusion of up to $500,000

Micro Loans for Small Businesses

From $2,500 to $50,000

Crowdsourced Lending

As Kiva Los Angeles, we support borrowers with Kiva crowdsourced 0% interest loans

Crowdsourced Funding

Supporting small businesses through crowdfunding with no cost training

New Capital for Underserved Communities

Community Investments

Affordable housing developments for families in the State of California.

Mortgage Lending

Real estate re-development for homebuyers in distressed neighborhoods.

Our Mission is Your Opportunity

We are striving to alleviate poverty in Los Angeles by building economic wellness in underserved communities.


“I now feel more confident that I can get through this pandemic and pivot my business towards sustainable growth.”

Olivia Gonzalez
Grown Folks Foods

Brand Pillars


Using culturally relevant and data informed decision-making, we leverage data-driven insight and embrace the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies.


We offer fresh perspectives, inventive solutions and creative problem solving that reshapes the narrative of community lending. With a team that’s forward-thinking and adaptive, we pioneer inclusive and tailored solutions.


Our discerning approach to identifying loan-worthy applicants goes beyond traditional metrics and drives us to seek out, and invest in, those with exceptional skills, vision, and dedication to their endeavors.


Backed by 40-years of honing our craft, we have a deep, and unique, understanding of the economic dynamics, cultural nuances, and financial aspirations of under-resourced populations in Southern California.

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