Supporting Homebuyers in Low-Income Communities

Alternative mortgage options and support for women and families in Greater Los Angeles communities.

Economic Wellness for the Underserved

Affordable Home Loans & Mortgages

We offset homeownership costs to prevent real estate speculation and anchor borrowers in their own homes.

Investing in Community Development

Our development projects offer housing for low-income families, which is essential to building strong communities.

Homebuyer Education Support

Resources offered through our parent organization open the door to down-payment assistance subsidies, secondary mortgages, and more.

NEWCasa Home Loans

The Los Angeles housing market is a difficult landscape to navigate for low-income families and first-time homebuyers. Our credit lines can help keep large investor speculation to a minimum and support real families and their housing needs.

NOTE: NEWCasa Home Loans is not taking new applications at this time. To enroll in the NEW Homebuyer Bootcamp, a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved workshop that provides guidance for first-time homebuyers, please click on “Learn More.”

Community-Focused Investments

We strongly support affordable housing measures and invest in development projects meant to support our clients and communities.

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Education for L.A. Homebuyers

NEW Community Investments offers homebuyer education workshops and individual housing counseling. These programs are designed to meet federal and/or state requirements for assistance subsidies, making an affordable home a reality.

Why is Homebuyer Education so Important?

Our homebuyer education workshops and individual counseling support have directly contributed to the creation of over $37 million in home assets for 125+ families. Through better education and direct 1-on-1 support, we are placing more people in homes and strengthening minority communities.

“What a wonderful service you provide! I feel so happy and hopeful about my future in just the first meeting! I feel like I have a real ally to help me build my dream in a solid and realistic way!”

Daphne Wayans
Health & Wellness Coach

Take Advantage of Better Financing

NEW Community Investments is 100% dedicated to achievable housing for minorities and low-income families. Learn how we can help you.