NCI Visits Ghana for Trade Mission experience

Sonia Collier

November 1, 2023

 CEO, Kim Stotzer had the great honor of visiting Ghana, Africa this October for the Building Bridges to Africa trade mission.  Hosted by Jamerson Strategic, this fantastic opportunity included dialogue regarding the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, small business, and community economic development. NCI is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with our international relations and look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration with African Nations and beyond. 

What is a Trade Mission?
Trade missions are led by U.S. Department of Commerce industry experts and designed for U.S. businesses who will travel to target countries. Each year, numerous U.S. companies participate in U.S. Department of Commerce-organized trade missions.

These missions can save companies valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors, sales representatives, or partners. Face-to-face meetings, especially when facilitated by senior U.S. government officials, can make a good impression with foreign buyers.

Benefits include: leveraging new trade leads, partnering opportunities, international sales and establishing foreign business partners, to name a few. (

Check back next week for our NEW Vlog feature to hear from our CEO as she discusses more about the Ghana Trade Mission and how it impacts New Community Investments!

Sonia Alcazar Collier

Director of Communications & Public Relations, NEW Community Investments

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