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Sonia Collier

May 17, 2024

If you missed our Mental Health Awareness Webinar, follow us on Youtube and stream it!
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Youtube: @NewCommunityInvestments

Meet the panel:
Kimberly Stotzer, CEO of NCI -Finance Thought Leader
Ivette Vivanco, Financial Coach; NEW
Alex Iacovitti (Therapist) – Mental Health professional
Tamika Lewis (Therapist & SBO) – Mental Health professional
Sabrina Santiago (Therapist & SBO) – Mental Health professional

New Community Investments is excited to host a free webinar supporting mental health and small business owners in our community. This webinar focuses on critical topics to support your well-being AND your business.

or scan the QR code.

What You Can Expect
Expert Insights: Learn from mental health professionals and business experts.
Practical Tips: Gain valuable strategies to manage stress and enhance business resilience.
Q&A Session: Engage directly with our panelists to get your questions answered.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity to acquire tools and knowledge that can make a significant impact on your mental health!

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Sonia Alcazar Collier

Director of Communications & Public Relations, NEW Community Investments

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