NEW Community Investments announces Kimberly Stotzer as Chief Executive Officer

Sonia Collier

May 10, 2023

Los Angeles (May 10, 2023) – NEW Community Investments (NCI) announced today that effective immediately, Kimberly Stotzer is appointed as CEO. Kimberly will succeed Quentin Strode who will remain with NCI as its Board Chair. NCI is the financial arm of New Economics for Women, a California based nonprofit founded in 1985. NCI’s mission is to build economic development and financial sustainability among disenfranchised women and minority entrepreneurs in the underserved communities of Southern California and beyond.

Prior to being appointed as CEO, Kimberly Stotzer was Executive Vice President at NCI. She is an innovation expert with 19 years of experience in strategic analysis, strategy development and planning, agile portfolio, program and project management, DEI enhancement, and new product/program initiation. Partnering with LA County, Kimberly launched the Solid Ground Homelessness Prevention Program, which is now adopted by the City of LA’s Community Investment for Families Department Homelessness Program. Kimberly is also a small business expert and sought after speaker for local business chambers, leadership organizations like CORO, and the U.S. Dept of Commerce International Trade Administration’s Women Empowered Leave Legacies through Trade and Investment (WELLTI). Kimberly currently resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband of 17 years and their two incredible children.

CEO Kimberly Stotzer says, “I want to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thank you to Quentin for all his contributions to NCI. Quentin was instrumental in paving the pathway for many women, women of color, and minority entrepreneurs in obtaining capital access. With the understanding that disenfranchised women and women of color small business owners from diverse communities need diverse financial options, Quentin’s comprehensive methods in bridging the funding gap through traditional loans, micro loans, SBA loans, grants, as well as through alternate means like Kiva crowdlending and Impresario crowdfunding has provided much needed financial stability and capacity building for such underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners.” Kiva is the online crowdlending platform. NCI is the official representative for Kiva Los Angeles. Impresario is the first of its kind crowdfunding platform geared specially towards women, women of color, and veteran small businesses that comes with no cost training.

Kimberly adds, “Quentin’s innovative strategy in building economic wellness, especially for under-resourced Black and Brown communities, has been very impactful as he was also instrumental in launching 3 offices for the NEW Women’s Business Center in the San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley, as well as the NEW East LA BusinessSource Center in the heart of Los Angeles, providing not only financial access but also resources, tools, networking, and mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business owners in those communities. We are confident that with Quentin taking the helm of NCI’s Board, we will boost our commitment as a strong partner for Southern California’s under-resourced women, women of color, and minority small businesses, dedicated to creating more equitable opportunities for these disadvantaged entrepreneurs.”

Along with its comprehensive capital access and referral programs, NCI carries on its close collaborations with internal and external partners to further serve disadvantaged women and minority small businesses with capacity building and long-term resiliency. Together with NCI’s sister organizations NEW Women’s Business Center and NEW East LA BusinessSource Center, and in partnerships with our government partners SBA, Go-Biz California, LA City, LA County, and other esteemed financial and influential community organizations, NCI will continue to guide women and minority-owned small businesses to succeed.

About New Economics for Women (NEW):
New Economics for Women (NEW) sparks economic mobility for women, particularly for Latinas and their families, through wealth creation, housing, education, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for economic justice. We empower generations of women and families to thrive. For more information, call (213) 483-2060 or visit

About NEW Community Investments (NCI):
NEW Community Investments (NCI) builds economic development and financial sustainability among women and minority entrepreneurs in underserved communities. We concentrate on capacity building, access to resources, lowering financial risk and closing the funding disparities that persist amongst underserved communities. For more information, call (213) 483-2060 or visit

About NEW Women’s Business Center (NEW-WBC):
NEW-WBC is an initiative of the New Economics for Women (NEW), in collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Go-Biz California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, with the objective of helping women entrepreneurs and business owners plan, create, and grow businesses successfully. Visit

About NEW East Los Angeles BusinessSource Center (NEW ELA BSC):
East Los Angeles BusinessSource Center is a partnership with the City of LA Economic Workforce Development Department. ELA BSC provides startup ventures and current small business owners with various cost-effective tools, resources and Sidewalk and Park Vendor Permit Program to make their businesses a success. Visit

Impresario is an innovative crowd-sourced capital access solution specifically geared for underserved women, minority, and veteran-owned small businesses. We are the first to offer a combination of crowdfunding with complimentary specialized training partnering with well-established crowdfunding organizations. Visit

Kiva Los Angeles:
As Kiva’s official Los Angeles representative, we help connect more Southern California area entrepreneurs and small business owners to crowdfunded loans with no interest and fees.

Sonia Alcazar Collier

Director of Communications & Public Relations, NEW Community Investments

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